Sucrose esters for Personal Care

Sisterna sucrose esters are based on sucrose and vegetable fatty acids and are a unique range high quality, PEG-free, non-ionic emulsifiers with an exceptional performance and mildness to skin and eyes. Beside emulsification Sisterna sucrose esters can offer other unique benefits to personal care formulations, offering formulators many advantages in these times of environmental consciousness.

Sisterna distinguishes itself as a flexible partner that will help to find technical solutions in the development, improvement an process optimizing of personal care products.

Chemical structure

PC Chemical structure

Hydrophilic - Lipophilic - Balance (HLB)

For each emulsifier a HLB-value can be calculated, a hydrophilic (water loving) emulsifier has a high HLB value, a lipophilic (oil loving) emulsifier has a low HLB value.
  • Low HLB  3-6  good W/O-emulsifier
  • Medium HLB  7-9  good wetting agent
  • High HLB  10-18  good O/W-emulsifier


  • Based on natural, renewable and non-GMO raw materials
  • High quality
  • Easily biodegradable
  • Non-ionic
  • Ethylene oxide or PEG free
  • Covering a wide range of HLB values
  • Neutral in taste and odour
  • Edible

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Our Application Concepts for Personal Care


Main Emulsifier System for O/W


Co-Emulsifier for O/W & W/O


Cold Emulsifier for O/W


Gel-To-Milk Emulsions


Spray/Wipe & Serum Emulsions

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Mild Cleaning Systems

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Anhydrous Systems

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