Concentrated emulsion technology for spray, wipe concepts

Thin liquid oil-in-water emulsions with very small droplet sizes of 0.3 μm can be obtained when producing via a simple intermediate concentrated oil-in-glycerin (O/G) emulsification step. The O/G emulsion is then diluted with water to a final spray or wipe formulation. Applications such as baby wipes and spray formulations are easily achieved.

Both hot and cold productions are possible when working via the concentrated emulsification step, creating the most optimum spray/wipe emulsions with respect to stability, viscosity and energy input.

Effective serum formulations

Due to the very small droplet sizes of 0.3 μm, this is also an excellent production method for making serums with a high skin penetration. Serums can require a higher viscosity than the spray and wipe concepts, which can be achieved by selecting the right production process (hot or cold), sucrose ester grade and hydrocolloids. 


  • A simple manufacturing technique resulting in small oil droplets
  • Suitable for stable thin liquid emulsions
  • Excellent for effective serums
  • Cold, hot or semi-cold process

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Cold or hot production with 1Sisterna SP70-C or Sisterna PS750-C