In the development of body and hair cleansing formulations non-ionic surfactants are added to blends of traditional foaming anionic and amphoteric surfactants to improve mildness. Sisterna sucrose esters are non-ionic and EO-free surfactants and their interesting and innovative properties make them excellent candidates for this type of products. Especially Sisterna L70-C is recommended for its good foaming properties and suitable for use in transparent formulations.

Sisterna sucrose esters are of natural origin, certified by Ecocert, and suitable for use in certified natural and organic cosmetics such as Ecocert, Natrue and Soil Association


  • Reduce irritation potential of anionic surfactants
  • Improve foam density and stability
  • Improve sensorial properties
  • Emulsify lipids into the cleansing formulation
  • Contribute to the conditioning effect in shampoo and conditioners

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Non-transparent systems : 2-5% Sisterna PS750-C or Sisterna SP70-C