Mayonnaise & Dressings

Sucrose esters are emulsifiers that could be such an alternative to egg yolk. They are cold water soluble and thus suitable for cold emulsification as well as a hot emulsification process. What makes sucrose esters exceptional is their high HLB value which helps creating very small oil droplets. This results in a very white stable sauce with a creamy mouth feel and a mild taste. This functionality of is particularly valuable for making a low fat sauce without decreasing the creaminess. With the ability to replace egg yolk and dairy proteins it is possible to create vegan sauces and dressings. 


  • Fully replace egg yolk
  • Very small oil droplets
  • Improved emulsion stability
  • Creamy mouth feel
  • ‘Mild' taste
  • Vegan possible

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0.4-1.0% Sisterna SP50/SP70

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