Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Sustainability is an important topic in our business, we are committed to remain a reliable supplier for our customers and an attractive, safe and caring workplace for our employees.

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination as we promote and sell sucrose esters which are produced with sucrose, from beet and cane, and fatty acids from palm and coconut oil we need to work on making our products more sustainable every time.

Corporate social responsibility comes in many forms. Please find herewith an overview of our efforts.

Code of conduct (supplier)

Our Code of Conduct defines how a Sisterna employees should act on a day-to-day basis. It reflects our daily operations, core values and overall company culture.

Sisterna is part of DKS Co. Ltd. (Japan), being the producer of our products, sucrose esters of fatty acids. As Sisterna has one supplier, we refer to our mother company DKS Co. Ltd. We refer to DKS report 2019 focusing on Basic Philosophy and Basic Policies for Environmental and Safety Practices. Sisterna is mentioned on page 61 of this report. Sisterna sucrose esters of fatty acids are produced at the Shiga Branch.

This report is created yearly for the purpose of ensuring that our supplier put into place safe working conditions and their employees are treated with respect. Also their production processes being responsible and environmentally friendly.



The consumers’ increasing demand for natural cosmetics has become one of the industry’s most important drivers. As raw material supplier we want to support our customers in offering these kind of products.

As each country had its own standard and its own definition of natural and organic ingredients. We choose to apply for a COSMOS approved certificate for our raw material. COSMOS harmonised all these standards and created an international standard for organic and natural cosmetics.



Since 2013 we have been promoting and supporting the sustainable palm oil production. First through the purchase of Book & Claim certificates and since 2017 through the actual purchase of certified sustainable palm oil according to the Mass Balance system.

Joining the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil contributes to making our products more sustainable.

Read more on our website about Sisterna RSPO certified sucrose esters



Since 2018 Sisterna joined Ecovadis the world’s most-trusted sustainability ratings, enables all businesses to reduce risk, drive performances, and improve environmental and social outcomes.