Main Emulsifier System for O/W

Creating natural emulsions with a luxurious skin-feel is a challenging task. This can be achieved with Sisterna sucrose esters, which are excellent natural oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions. Furthermore Sisterna sucrose esters provide an excellent touch as well as improve smoothness, emolliency and moisture level of the skin.

O/W emulsions

Sisterna sucrose esters with a medium to high HLB value are recommended for the development of natural and mild O/W emulsions. 

Aerated mousse technology

Sisterna's long experience of using sucrose esters in food mousses, where they give good aeration and firmness to the mousse, resulted in the development of a real cosmetic mousse with a light texture and skin feel.


  • Good emulsification properties with oils of different polarity
  • Form traditional as well as lamellar liquid crystal type emulsions
  • Provide an excellent skin feel
  • Improve skin smoothness, emolliency and moisturization
  • Provide a cooling effect 

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Creams : 2% Sisterna SP30-C and 2% Sisterna SP70-C or 4% Sisterna SP50-C

Lotions (LLC) : 3% Sisterna SP30-C and 1% Sisterna SP70-C

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