Sisterna offers a complete programme of sucrose esters with a variety of characteristics and functionalities. 

 Category Trade name HLB Functionalities 

Sucrose esters

Sisterna PS750 16

Oil-in-water emulsifier

Starch interaction

Protein interaction

Sugar crystallisation



Sisterna SP70 15
Sisterna SP50 11
Sisterna SP30 6
Sucrose oligo esters Sisterna SP10 2

Water-in-oil emulsifier

Tabletting Lubricant

Fat crystallisation


Sisterna SP01 1
Sisterna F20W -


Sisterna sucrose esters - Emulsion stability

Sisterna sucrose esters - Water solubility

water solubility


  • High grade emulsifiers
  • Wide HLB spectrum
  • Neutral in taste, odour and colour
  • Soluble in (cold) water
  • Stable under UHT conditions
  • Renewable raw materials
  • Kosher, Halal, non-GMO, vegetarian

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