Vegan alternatives

More and more people are looking for plant-based alternatives for dairy products. Especially in drinks there are many options, based on soya, rice, nuts, seeds etc. Milk alternatives lack the natural emulsifiers of dairy milk (milk proteins), so using a powerful oil-in-water emulsifier is necessary. Sucrose esters have three functionalities in these products.

Stable and White

Sucrose esters will emulsify the oil in the product very well, preventing an oil ring (in case of a bottle) and making the "milk" whiter.


Aerated dairy alternatives, such as barista products and whipped topping, can also benefit from sucrose esters. Sucrose esters reduce the surface tension between water and air, ensuring easy aeration. The resulting foam has stable, fine air bubbles and a white, creamy appearance.


Milk alternatives all contain (small amounts of) proteins. And just like caseinate, these proteins also have an iso-electric point. Some are even more sensitive to acid than milk. Sucrose esters will interact with these proteins, stabilizing the milk-alternative against flocculation/coagulation. The residue on the glass after consumption will be more homogeneous.

"Shake before use"

Most milk alternatives have solid particles that sediment to the bottom of the package. Sucrose esters will inhibit the sedimentation of particles, and make the sediment less tightly packed. It will be easier to shake to a homogeneous drink before consumption.


  • Stable emulsion
  • White colour
  • No flocculation or sediment
  • No off-flavour
  • Homogeneous residue on glass
  • Vegetable, non-GMO, Kosher

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