Sponge cake

Flour that is used in sponge cake is usually a low protein type. This results in little gluten development and no elasticity. To obtain resistance against mixing and baking, Sisterna sucrose esters can be added.

The aerating properties of sucrose esters ensure an airy batter with many small air bubbles. A fine crumb is obtained after baking.

As Sisterna sucrose esters complex with starch, gelatinisation is delayed. During baking, the volume can increase further, before the structure is fixed by starch gelatinisation. A light and tender sponge cake is obtained.

The starch complexing properties of Sisterna sucrose esters, inhibit retrogradation, and keep the cake fresh and soft. The shelf life can be extended.


  • Higher volume
  • Softer crumb
  • Fine texture
  • Shelf life extension

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3-4 parts (on flour) Sisterna SP50

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