Low fat biscuits

By lowering the amount of fat (50%) biscuits can become too hard. The amount of fat present is too low to interrupt gluten structures and to prevent growth of sugar crystals.

By using sucrose esters the low fat biscuit is much less hard, and has nice brittle eating properties. The volume is good and the surface and edges of the biscuit are smooth.

No/low sugar biscuits

Replacing part of the sugar by polyols in biscuits can result in a hard texture. Adding sucrose esters gives nice brittle textures and sweet clean eating properties.

Gluten-free biscuits

When gluten is taken out of the recipe, the starch content increases. Sucrose esters have strong interaction with starch. Thanks to this interaction a gluten-free biscuit with sucrose esters has nice brittle eating properties, is less hard and has a higher volume.


Sucrose esters are very effective in improving all aspects of low fat biscuits, without the need for combining with other emulsifiers. Only one emulsifier has to be declared on the label.


  • Easier handling dough
  • Tender, crispy biscuit

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0.4 parts (on flour) Sisterna SP70

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