Special Emulsions

Concentrated oil emulsions

Sucrose esters make it possible to create concentrated emulsions with ultra small oil droplets even with "simple" equipment like a high shear mixer. Manufacturers of e.g. omega-3, sterols or natural colours can use this technology. The emulsions are fluid to paste like and have long term stability. The emulsions can be applied in solid foods such as confectionery, but also in drinks. Even in acidic and clear drinks. 


  • Versatile 2-step technology 
  • Long term emulsion stability
  • Low viscous emulsions
  • Simple equipment 
  • Acidic emulsions
  • Clear emulsions

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for solid applications:
- 1% Sisterna SP70 or SP50 

for liquid applications:
- 7% Sisterna SP70 
- 6% Sisterna SP70 + 1% DATEM or lecithin (low pH)

for clear liquid applications:
- 1% Sisterna SP70
- 1% Sisterna SP70 + 1% DATEM or lecithin (low pH)

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