Special Emulsions

Concentrated oil emulsions

Fat soluble ingredients such as omega 3 and some natural colours are mainly available as powders, fat flakes or oils. In the food industry, mainly beverages and dairy, there is a growing interest for ingredients in liquid, water dispersible shape. A concentrated oil emulsion (in glycerine or water) could be a solution.

Sisterna sucrose esters

Sisterna has developed a technology to make concentrated oil emulsions. Manufacturers of e.g. omega-3, sterols or natural colours can use this technology. The emulsions are fluid to paste like and have long term stability. The emulsion can be applied in solid foods such as confection, to low viscous, mild acidic applications such as fruit drinks.


  • Versatile technology,
    applicable for:
    fish oil/omega3, sterols, 
    natural colours and flavours
  • Long term emulsion stability
  • Low viscous emulsions
  • Emulsion is stable when 
    diluted in: confection,
    dairy products, baked goods 
    and beverages

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Concentrated emulsions for solid applications:
1.0-2.0% Sisterna SP50 or 
1.0-2.0% Sisterna SP70

Concentrated emulsions for beverages:
8-10% Sisterna PS750 or
9% PS750 + 1% DATEM (low pH)

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