Sucrose Esters for Food

Sucrose esters of fatty acids, commonly known as sucrose esters, and sucrose oligo esters are a unique group of emulsifiers. Sucrose esters are obtained by esterifying sucrose with methyl fatty acids. By varying the degree of esterification of the sucrose molecule it is possible to obtain emulsifiers with HLB values ranging from 1 up to 16.

Chemical structure


Hydrophilic - Lipophilic - Balance (HLB)

For each emulsifier a HLB-value can be calculated, a hydrophilic (water loving) emulsifier has a high HLB value, a lipophilic (oil loving) emulsifier has a low HLB value.

  • Low HLB  3-6  good W/O-emulsifier
  • Medium HLB  7-9  good wetting agent
  • High HLB  10-18  good O/W-emulsifier


Sucrose esters include sucrose esters of fatty acids (E473) and sucrose oligo esters. The classification depends on the ratio mono-, di-, and tri- esters.

Regulatory information

Sucrose esters are permitted in Europe, USA, Japan and many other area's.


  • High grade emulsifiers
  • Wide HLB spectrum
  • Neutral in taste, odour and colour
  • Soluble in (cold) water
  • Stable under UHT conditions
  • Renewable raw materials
  • Kosher, non-GMO, vegetarian


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