Soft Candy

Chewy soft candy like toffee, fudge or chews are examples in which sucrose esters can improve softness. Sucrose ester molecules speed up crystallisation and form a layer around sugar crystals. This layer inhibits further crystal growth, enhancing a soft texture.

Additionally the fat content can be raised; sucrose esters disperse the fat in very small oil droplets giving a good mouth feel without the risk of oiling. This tight packing of the oil droplets in the sugar matrix also delays oxidation of the fat and improves the ‘anti-rancidity’ of the soft candy.

Furthermore, sucrose esters can reduce stickiness.


  • Crystallisation acceleration
  • Texture modification
  • Stickiness reduction
  • Neutral flavour profile
  • Anti-rancidity
  • Density reduction
  • Sugar reduction possible

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0.05-0.1% Sisterna SP50

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