Fats & Oils

Margarines & shortenings

In margarines and shortenings, sucrose oligo esters alone, or in combination with destilled monoglyceride are used to prepare the w/o emulsion. Sucrose oligo esters provide an increased water absorption ratio as well as an increased creaming value.

Frying margarines and oils

In baking margarines sucrose oligo esters can be used as an anti-spattering agent. Addition of sucrose oligo esters to oil (e.g. hydrogenated palm oil) suppresses fat crystallization and delays the increase of the acid value in time.

Frying sprays

Some frying sprays are oil-in-water emulsions, in those applications sucrose esters are added to stabilise and create the o/w-emulsion and to ensure that the emulsion is low viscous.

Please note that sucrose oligo esters are not permitted in food in Europe.


  • Increased water absorption
  • Increased creaming value
  • Anti-spattering agent
  • Suppresses fat crystallization
  • Delays rancidity
  • Low viscous o/w-emulsions

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1.0% Sisterna SP50 or Sisterna SP70 (o/w-emulsion)

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