Beta-Glucan Milk Drink

Beta-glucan is a component that can be found e.g. in oat. It has proven health benefits (a.o. cholesterol lowering) and in the EU and USA health claims are permitted.


Beta-glucan has an effect on dairy proteins; in the presence of beta-glucan dairy proteins tend to flocculate, which makes it difficult to develop a healthy milk-drink.

Sisterna sucrose esters

It is known that sucrose esters interact with proteins, and have a protective effect. In the presence of sucrose esters the sensitivity of proteins for heat, acid and beta-glucan is strongly reduced. Flocculation is prevented. With sucrose esters, a tasty beta-glucan milk drink, with good stability and low viscosity can be prepared.


  • No flocculation or sediment
  • Low viscosity
  • Vegetable, non-GMO, Kosher

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0.3 - 0.5% Sisterna SP70

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