Fondant & Icing


Sisterna SP50 has multiple functions in cooked fondant. After cooking the sugar solution, crystallisation has to be induced: sucrose esters can act as seeding crystals. The result is a very fine matrix of small crystals, which can hold more liquid syrup (cappilary effect). The fondant keeps its form, remains smooth, has a very bright colour, and a dry appearance. Sucrose esters will inhibit the further growth of crystals, so no white spots and cracks will appear on the surface. 


When icing is produced from block fondant or from icing sugar, Sisterna SP50 can simply be added before heating the mix to 45-50ºC. The icing will be flexible and easy to apply, has a dryer and whiter appearance. Additionally the stability of the icing is improved, moisture separation is abandoned and cracking is further delayed.


  • Accelerate crystallization
    (cooked fondant)
  • Ultra white appearance
  • Dry surface
  • No/reduced fluid separation 
    during storage
  • No cracking or white spots

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0.05%-0.1% Sisterna SP50

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