Whipped Topping

Whipped toppings are ‘fat foams'; upon whipping some fat is released from the fat globules. This fat ‘glues' a network of fat globules. Air is entrapped in this network thus creating the foam.

Emulsifier functions

Emulsifiers have two (opposite) functions: creating a stable emulsion before whipping and destabilizing this same emulsion upon whipping to create some free fat. Thus usually two types of emulsifiers are used for the two different functions; stabilising emulsifiers and de-stabilising emulsifiers.

Sisterna sucrose esters

Sucrose esters are stabilising emulsifiers and can be combined with e.g. lactic acid esters for destabilisation. A good balance is important to create a topping with a good liquid stability, short whipping time, high overrun and good foam stability.


  • Improved stability before whipping
  • High foam volume
  • Fine foam texture

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0.2-0.4% Sisterna SP70 combined with a destabilising emulsifier

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