(Vegan) Cream Sauce

Dairy proteins

In most sauces proteins, such as milk powder or whey powder, are used for emulsification and stabilisation. Also double cream is added to improve the creaminess of the sauce. During pasteurisation or sterilization, Maillard reaction can take place between proteins and sugars, resulting in the formation of a brown-greyish colour. This is an important problem in cooking cream sauces like mushroom sauce.

Sucrose esters

Sucrose esters are beneficial for two properties; in case oil or fat is used in the recipe it can emulsify both components. Additionally it can (partly) replace dairy proteins and protect the remaining proteins. The advantage is that acid or heat coagulation or Maillard reactions of proteins can be avoided or minimised. When sucrose esters are used to replace all dairy proteins vegan, white and stable sauce can be created. 


  • (partly) replace dairy proteins
  • Improved emulsion stability
  • Improved heat stability
  • Protein protection
  • Maintaining a white sauce
  • Prevention of lumping and skin formation
  • Vegan possible 

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0.2-0.5% Sisterna SP70

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