Culinary Cream

Culinary cream is used to give a creamy touch to soups and sauces. In some dishes, they are exposed to harsh circumstances like high temperature and low pH. This may lead to coagulation of the dairy proteins, visible as feathering and sediment of the protein flocks.


Sucrose esters interact with proteins, protecting them against flocculation. When poured in soup or coffee, cream with sucrose esters will stay smooth and homogeneous. Cream with sucrose esters can easily be used as a base to create culinary sauces. It withstands reducing and is compatible with almost any ingredient. 

White and smooth

Sucrose esters will create a fine stable emulsion. Cream with sucrose esters can be (retort) sterilized without separation. Small oil droplets will give a white colour and a creamy mouthfeel in coffee, sauce  or soup.


  • Stable emulsion
  • No flocculation or sedimentation
  • White colour
  • Creamy mouthfeel

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0.2 – 0.4% Sisterna SP70

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