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Sisterna sucrose esters are used for numerous functions in food products. The basic function of sucrose esters is emulsification but they are often choosen for their secondary functions. 

Sisterna sucrose oligo esters are applied in fat or oil based products such as margarine and chocolate. Sucrose oligo esters can also be used a lubricant for tabletting.  


Personal Care 

Sisterna sucrose esters are a unique range of high quality, non-ionic emulsifiers with an exceptional performance and mildness to skin and eyes.

Sisterna sucrose esters can offer other unique benefits to personal care formulations, thus offering formulators many advantages in these times of environmental consciousness.

Sisterna sucrose esters

Sucrose esters are produced with sucrose, from beet and cane, and fatty acids from palm and coconut oil. This enables them to be used as emulsifiers in virtually all food and personal care products. Emulsifiers are substances that are able to mix two immiscible substances that normally do not mix, for example water and oil and water and air (foam). Although sucrose esters are categorized as emulsifiers, their functionality is not only emulsification.

          Food         Personal care


About Sisterna

Our aim is to be recognised as the ambassador and knowlegde provider for sucrose esters in our market. Over the last 25 years we have developed numerous food as well as personal care applications with our sucrose esters.

About Sisterna


Our Specialists

Our team consists of two food engineers and two personal care specialists with over 65! years experience in the food and personal care business. If you like to learn more about them:

Sisterna Team


Our Sucrose Esters

Sisterna sucrose esters are a unique range of high quality, non-ionic emulsifiers with an exceptional performance.  


Our Sucrose Esters

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is an import topic in our business. Since 2013 we have been promoting and supporting the sustainable palm oil production. First through the purchase of Book & Claim certificates and since 2017 through the actual purchase of certified sustainable palm oil according to the Mass Balance system.

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