Pound cake

Batters of cakes are complex emulsions, during mixing, air cells are formed in the batter, upon baking, the size of these air cells increases due to the formation of gases. The number and size of the air cells contribute to cake volume and crumb structure. 

Sucrose esters are active at the fat-liquid and air-liquid interfaces, ensuring a fine dispersion of the fat and air cells in the batter system. A cake with good volume and moistness, an excellent crumb structure and eating qualities is obtained. 
The starch complexing properties of Sisterna sucrose esters, inhibit retrogradation, and keep the cake fresh and soft. The shelf life can be extended.


  • Higher volume
  • Softer crumb
  • Fine texture
  • Shelf life extention

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0.4 parts (on flour) Sisterna SP50

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