Mousse sensation

Dessert mousses are eaten for their pleasant eating sensation and rich or refreshing flavour. The eating sensation is largely influenced by the foam texture and the melting of this foam in the mouth. Flavour release strongly depends on the availability of the flavour components.

Foam texture

Emulsifiers, combined with gelling agent, create and stabilise the foam. The choice for the best emulsifier depends on the mousse texture and volume you would like to create. Sucrose esters are effective aerators. At the same time they will keep the fat emulsified, preventing the formation of a fat network around the air cells. Mousse with sucrose esters will have light eating sensation, less dry and greasy compared to low HLB emulsifiers.


Sucrose esters typically create a mousse with a light eating characteristic; it melts nicely in your mouth and releases the flavours easily. The fact that the fat is emulsified in fine droplets, improves the availability of flavour components when eaten. Also the colour of e.g. cocoa is more visible in mousse with sucrose esters.


  • Easy to aerate
  • Light, non-greasy mouthfeel
  • Strong (chocolate) flavour outcome
  • No off-flavours
  • Darker colour (chocolate)
  • Vegan possible 

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0.3 – 0.5% Sisterna SP70 / SP50 / SP30, 
depending on requested texture

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