Ice Cream

Ice cream requires opposite functionalities from an emulsifier. That is why a combination of different emulsifiers will give the best result.


In the liquid mix, an emulsifier with a high HLB value (like sucrose esters) is best. Sucrose esters will quickly replace the proteins from the fat globule (aging can be shorter). The mix is stable; no fat separation and no churning.


When the product is aerated, the emulsion should be destabilized slightly, in order to form a fat-network around the air cells. Emulsifiers with a low HLB value are more suitable for this part.

The best results are reached by combining sucrose esters with low HLB emulsifiers like MDG or α-tending emulsifiers (e.g. lactic acid esters).


Besides technical benefits, sucrose esters will give ice cream a fresh, and less greasy mouthfeel. Flavours will be much more pronounced. 


  • Shorter aging time
  • Stable liquid mix
  • Easy aeration
  • Improved flavour release

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0.2 – 0.4% Sisterna SP70 / PS750 
option to combine with a de-stabilizing emulsifier

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