Hard Panned Candy

Protecting the candy

Confection, such as chewing gum, is often coated with a hard shell of sugar or polyol (sugar free). This hard coating protects the chewing gum and provides a pleasant, often colourful, appearance and a nice crunch. This type of candy is named 'hard panned candy'. The coating is created by spraying layers of a concentrated solution and drying it. This process is very time consuming (up to 8 hours) as multiple layers (40-150) are needed to make a strong shell.

Sisterna sucrose esters

Sucrose esters are known for their effect on sugar crystallisation. Addition of sucrose esters to the spraying solution have multiple benefits:

  • Shorter production time (9 -19% shorter)
  • Smoother surface (after the engrossing step)
  • Whiter appearance (replacing TiO2)
  • Less permeable layer
  • Helping/replacing gum arabic
  • Sugar reduced panning possible

These benefits can also be used in sugar free polyol panning.


  • Panning time reduction
  • Whiter colour
  • Smoother surface
  • Less permeable layer
  • Sugar-reduction possible
  • Also in polyol panning


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0.5% Sisterna SP50 or Sisterna SP70

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