Sisterna A10E-C is a special sucrose ester grade, obtained by the esterification of sucrose with stearic, palmitic fatty acids and acetic acid. Due to its high degree of esterification, Sisterna A10E-C no longer has surface active properties, resulting in a completely different behaviour compared to all other grades. Sisterna A10E-C can be considered as a so called ‘sugar wax’, which can be used as lipidic phase modifier to influence the rheological and sensorial properties of oils and natural butters.

The addition of Sisterna SP10-C or Sisterna SP01-C can provide even more benefits to your formulations. They can provide more gloss to a lipstick and improve creaminess.


  • Thickens or gels many oils as well as silicon oils
  • Helps reducing blooming and sweating of sticks
  • Improves the sensorial properties
  • Improves cohesion of sticks
  • Reduces brittleness of sticks
  • Excellent binding properties in compact powders

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5-15% Sisterna A10E-C as lipidic phase modifier

1-2% Sisterna SP10-C or Sisterna SP01-C for improving skin feel

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