Co-emulsifier for O/W & W/O

Creating natural emulsions with a luxurious skin-feel is a challenging task. Sisterna sucrose esters are excellent natural co-emulsifiers for both oil-in-water (O/W) and water-in-oil (W/O) skin care emulsions. Furthermore Sisterna sucrose esters provide an excellent touch and improve smoothness, emolliency and moisture level of the skin.

O/W emsulsions

Sisterna sucrose esters with a high HLB value are recommended for the development of O/W emulsions.

W/O emulsions

Sisterna sucrose esters with a low HLB value are recommended for the development of W/O emulsions.


O/W emulsions

  • For both traditional as lamellar liquid crystal emulsions
  • Excellent skin feel
  • Improve skin smoothness, emolliency and moisturization
  • Provide a cooling effect

W/O emulsions

  • Improve spreading properties
  • Eliminate oily/greasy feel typical of W/O
  • Making W/O formulations comparable to O/W emulsions
  • Very effective in the presence of high level of powders

Sisterna's advice

  • O/W emulsions
    Sisterna SP70-C  or Sisterna PS750-C
  • W/O emulsions
    Sisterna SP01-C or Sisterna SP10-C