Take Care & Feel Good with Sisterna Sucrose Esters

The versatile Sisterna Sucrose Ester Emulsifiers are applicable in many different types of cosmetic formulations, resulting in unique textures in which the creation of an excellent skin feel is key.

Sucrose esters are known for their softness and gentle skin feel as well as their moisturising capacities and their mildness. This makes them excellent emulsifiers for taking proper care of your skin while giving you a good (skin) feeling.

Although there are many different types of formulations that we feel really good about, we have taken special care of three of them


The LLC Lotion

Combining Sisterna SP30-C and Sisterna SP70-C in a 3/1 ratio, gives you the ability to create Lamellar Liquid Crystal (LLC) emulsions. The addition of 2% cetearyl alcohol further enhances the LLC networks. The velvet skin feel created by using sucrose esters is enhanced by the LLC emulsion, also providing a higher stability and a controlled release of actives.


Delicate Sandy Scrub

Transforming gel-to-milk formulations with a high viscosity are a perfect basis for an exfoliant scrub. In this case a fine and sand-like scrub particle has been dosed giving a gentle scrub sensation. The combination of the subtle scrub experience and the typical skin feel of a gel-to-milk formulation creates a silky soft after feel.


The Concentrated Serum

Making an emulsion with an oil-in-glycerin intermediate emulsification step enables the formation of droplet sizes of 0.3 micrometer. This production method is excellent for dosing oil actives which will be boosted as a result of this better skin penetration, creating extremely effective serums.

Being able to reinvent the ways of using sucrose esters gives you flexibility in formulating. Lamellar Liquid Crystal (LLC) emulsions, light-feeling butters, clay masks, sprayables, concentrated serums, scrubs - you name it.
There are endless formulation possibilities for you to Take Care & Feel Good.