Sugar-free & Gluten-free biscuits with colourful fondant with Sucrose Esters

Sisterna sucrose esters can be used in a wide range of food applications. They are mostly used in bakery, confectionery, dairy and (special) emulsions. The basic function of sucrose esters is emulsification, but they are often choosen for their secondary functions. 

Anytime is Biscuit time!

Sugar-free biscuits

Replacing the sugar by polyols in biscuits results in a hard texture. Adding sucrose esters gives nice brittle textures and sweet clean eating properties. Also the volume of the biscuits increases thanks to the presence of sucrose esters.

Gluten-free biscuits

Gluten-free biscuits contain more starch. Sucrose esters have strong interaction with starch. Thanks to this interaction a gluten-free biscuit with sucrose esters has nice brittle eating properties, is less hard and has a higher volume.


Sucrose esters have unique functionalities in fondant, as they improve the crystallization of sucrose. This results in a fondant with a larger number of smaller crystals. Fondant with sucrose esters is whiter, drier, more stable and less sticky.


The strong emulsifying capacity of sucrose esters is used to create a concentrated emulsion of oily/oil soluble (natural) colours. This concentrated emulsion, with glycerol as “water-phase” can easily be dispersed in water-based food stuffs.

Crumbelievable don't you think?!