Sisterna at In-Cosmetics 2018


Sisterna introduces 4 new pampering formulation ideas with sucrose esters:

1)      Chocolate-Orange Body Mousse

Everybody knows that chocolate is a women’s best friend (… and maybe also a man’s...). But why limit yourself by only eating it? There are other ways you can use chocolate to treat yourself. Our Chocolate Body Mousse moisturises your skin and makes it silky soft, giving you the luxury feeling you deserve.

2)      Delicate Tinted Powdery Balm

A tinted anhydrous balm with a melting texture that provides a delicate silky result and makes you look fabulous. The easy spreadability and surprising sensory skin-feel gets you ready to shine at every occasion.

3)      Rejuvenating Eye Serum
The eyes are the mirror of the soul. So take good care of the eye-contours if you want to show off your eyes even better. This eye serum smoothens the skin and gives a soft feeling. It improves the elasticity of the skin by giving a good moisturisation, resulting in an all-day glamorous look.

4)      Golden In-Shower Butter Gel
If you want to replenish your skin while showering, then choose for this In-Shower Butter Gel formulation. This golden gel-to-milk concept nourishes your skin and gives it a velvet after-feel.


To try one of these pampering formulations, please visit our In-Cosmetics booth C54.