About Sisterna

Our aim is to be recognised as the ambassador and knowlegde provider for sucrose esters in our market. Over the last 25 years we have developed numerous food as well as personal care applications with our sucrose esters.


Our Specialists

Our team consists of two food engineers and two personal care specialists with over 65! years experience in the food and personal care business. If you like to learn more about them:

Our Team

Distributor Network

Established distributors are exclusively active for Sisterna sucrose esters. You can find your distributor here:

Sucrose esters

Sisterna® sucrose esters are a unique range of high quality, non-ionic emulsifiers with an exceptional performance.  

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Raw Materials

Our sucrose esters are produced with sucrose, from beet and cane source, and fatty acids from palm oil. Since July 2014 our sucrose ester supplier DKS (and Sisterna as daughter company) are RSPO member (nr. 4-0491-14-000-00). As of October 2015 the manufacturing site are approved as RSPO Mass Balance and Segregation supply chain.

The production with certified and traceable palm oil according to the Mass Balance system has started in January 2017. This means that the supply of RSPO certified Sisterna sucrose esters from our warehouse in the Netherlands can start from March 2017 at the earliest. 

Please find herewith the link to the certificate CU-RSPO SCC-837068.

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There can be several reasons to replace dairy with a plant-based alternative; lactose-intolerance, vegan diet, animal wellbeing and environmental concerns. Dairy alternatives can be based on soy, rice, coconut and several kinds of nuts, seeds and grains.

In dairy alternatives the most preferred sucrose ester grade is Sisterna SP70. SP70 has a high HLB value, which means that it is water soluble and very effective in reducing the oil droplet size.


  • Excellent stability
  • Whiter colour
  • No flocculation because of destabilising components
  • Easy to shake before serving

More information is available on request. Our distributors can find this information on extranet.