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Safety and mildness are key requirements in today’s personal care industry and are increasingly driving the cosmetic formulators to focus their interest on natural or naturally-derived raw materials.

Sucrose esters of fatty acids are based on:

  • cane sugar and beet sugar
  • palm/coconut oil fatty acids

Sisterna sucrose esters are obtained by esterifying sucrose with methyl fatty acids. By varying the degree of esterification of the sucrose molecule it is possible to obtain emulsifiers with HLB values ranging from 1 up to 16 for the high mono-esters.

Grade INCI-name HLB Main function
Sisterna PS750-C Sucrose Palmitate 16 emulsifier
Sisterna L70-C Aqua (and) Sucrose
Laurate (and) Alcohol


Sisterna SP70-C Sucrose Stearate 15 emulsifier
Sisterna SP50-C Sucrose Stearate 11 emulsifier
Sisterna SP30-C Sucrose Distearate  6 emulsifier
Sisterna SP10-C Sucrose Polystearate  2 emulsifier
Sisterna SP01-C Sucrose Polystearate  1 emulsifier
Sisterna A10E-C Sucrose Tetrastearate
- lipidic phase modifier


  • Natural, renewable and non-GMO raw materials
  • High quality
  • Easily biodegradable
  • Non-ionic
  • Non-ethoxylated
  • Wide range of HLB values
  • Neutral in taste and odour
  • Edible

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