Gel-to-milk emulsions

Concentrated emulsion technology for gel-to-milk concepts

Sisterna sucrose esters with a high HLB value are very suitable emulsifiers for the development of natural 'oil gels' that turn into milk when diluted upon use. These 'oil gels' are in fact  concentrated oil-in-glycerin (O/G) emulsions, that can be produced by using standard high shear homogenizing equipment. Very narrow oil droplet size emulsions are obtained.  

A recent study was done on the sucrose ester performance for gel-to-milk concepts. Different sucrose esters were compared on several criteria such as viscosity and viscosity build-up. A whitepaper on gel-to-milk concepts is available on request.
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  • Preservative free formulations
  • Transparent emulsion can be obtained
  • Standard homogenization equipment is used

Sisterna's advice

  • Preferred product is Sisterna PS750-C
  • Alternatively Sisterna SP70-C (for very high viscosity)