RSPO status

We are pleased to announce that production with certified and traceable palm oil according to the Mass Balance system will start in January 2017 for all the powder grades. This means that the supply of RSPO certified Sisterna sucrose esters from our warehouse in the Netherlands can start from March 2017 at the earliest:

Sisterna SP01(-C)
Sisterna SP10(-C)
Sisterna SP30(-C)
Sisterna SP50(-C)
Sisterna SP70(-C)
Sisterna PS750(-C)
Sisterna F20W(-C)
Sisterna A10E-C 

In the first months we will have a transitional period according to FIFO from non RSPO to RSPO certified Sisterna sucrose esters in our warehouse. We ask you to prioritize your customers.

We will keep you informed If there is a change in the schedule of RSPO certified Sisterna sucrose esters.

For any questions please contact our sales manager at Sisterna.



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