Origin & Quality

Raw materials

 Sisterna sucrose esters are produced with high quality vegetable raw materials.

  • Sugar from sugar cane and beet
  • Methyl fatty acids from palm oil (supplier is RSPO-member)
  • Sisterna is member of RSPO PalmTrace 

We are pleased to announce that the facilities of our mother company DKS in Japan, the producer of our sucrose esters of fatty acids, are approved as RSPO Mass Balanceand Segregation supply chain.

The production with certified and traceable palm oil according to the Mass Balance system has started in January 2017. This means that the supply of RSPO certified Sisterna sucrose esters from our warehouse in the Netherlands has started from March 2017. 


Sisterna sucrose esters are produced by DKS in Japan, in a sophisticated plant that is dedicated to the production of sucrose esters only. The unique production method uses minimum solvents, as the purification of the sucrose esters is done by water. This process ensures a highly purified sucrose ester powder with >90% purity, while the regulatory minimum is >80%