Lubricant properties

Sisterna F20W, a sucrose oligo ester, is used as a lubricant in tablets and has the same function as Magnesium stearate. Sucrose oligo esters are the standard lubricant in tablets in Asia, this is different for Europe where Mg-stearate is the standard. This is a result of the different regulations in the EU and Asia: in Europe Mg-stearate is allowed and in Asia sucrose oligo esters are allowed as a release agent.

Sisterna sucrose oligo esters

When compared, Sisterna F20W improves the fluidity of powders e.g. sugar, sorbitol. The compressed tablets produced with Sisterna F20W have a shorter collapse time and the percentage of defective tablets is lower than with Mg-stearate.


  • Improved fluidity of powders
  • Shorter collapse time
  • Reduced defective tablets

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0.5-3.0% Sisterna F20W

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