Sucrose oligo esters (SOE) are applied in chocolate as replacement of commonly used lecithine.

The reducing effect of Sucrose oligo esters on the viscosity of the chocolate mass, is similar to that of lecithin.

Depending upon the type of Sucrose oligo esters (Sisterna SP01 or SP10), the yield stress can either be slightly lower or higher. Addition of these oligo esters to the chocolate mass results in a final product with an excellent structure, good stability and not susceptible to fat or sugar bloom.

Please note theĀ legislativeĀ situation of SOE by downloading the Regulation USA under "Downloads".


  • Reduction of viscosity and yield stress
  • Excellent structure
  • Reduced fat or sugar bloom

Sisterna's advice

0.25-0.5% Sisterna SP10 or Sisterna SP01