Chewing Gum

In chewing gum sucrose esters can be used for several reasons and in different parts of the chewing gum.

Viscosity and taste

In gum base sucrose esters can reduce the viscosity, which makes mixing easier, even at lower temperatures. Mixing at lower temperature improves the taste, as less bitter components are formed.

Flavour release and cooling effect

Due to the excellent emulsifying properties of sucrose esters, and the water solubility of most sucrose esters, flavours are very well dispersed in the gum base and ensure a good flavour release.


Sucrose esters inhibit certain micro-organisms. The growth of Streptococcus mutans is inhibited by sucrose esters (laurate), which can be very beneficial for chewing gum that is meant for dental care.

Crunchy layer

Many types of chewing gum are covered with a crunchy sweet layer. This layer is formed by hard panning. Sucrose esters can improve the process as well as the texture of the panning layer. More information can be found in the special item on panning on this website.


  • Lower viscosity
  • Easy mixing
  • No off-taste
  • Better flavour release
  • Anti-caries
  • Improved panning layer

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1.5 – 3% Sisterna SP30 in gum base (mixing)

Sisterna PS750 (flavour release)

Sisterna L70-C (anti-caries)

0.5% Sisterna SP50 in panning solution

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